The road to success is paved with tests, So you’ve got to believe in yourself above the rest.

Dream big, and let your passion shine, If you don’t, you won’t end up with a dime.

Challenge the status quo, disrupt the market and say Yes! And remember that innovation is an endless quest.

Don’t forget to change business for good, If you want to change the world then you should.

If you think with your head and listen to your heart, I promise you’ll get off to a flying start.

Make bold moves, but always play fair, Always say please and thank you – it’s cool to care.

Do what you love and love what you do, This advice is nothing new.

Now, stop worrying about whether your business will be a hit, Rise to the challenge and say ‘screw it, let’s do it!’

Social Media

Here’s another great idea for making Poetry work in Business – let me write you a rhyming couplet every two weeks about your business and post these out – because they are not your typical Social Media output I can guarantee that these little nuggets of joy will get shared and liked more …. Take a look at this example… You see poetry and B2B can really work!