Knowing When

Timing is everything. As a performer the delivery of a line at a certain time means the
difference between applause and something that bores. I have, in many ways, been
boring myself up until this point in my life. I’ve been waiting for the show to start. Lifting
the curtain for a moment only to bring it back down.

I have always been a late starter. However, there is a point when late becomes not at
all. Now is the time for me to make good on the promises I’ve made to myself. If you can
dream it, you can do it. If you want it, you have to work for it. This is a point in my life
where the question of “When?” has to be answered with “Now”.

I am in no rush but at the same time my reasons for not being the person I aim to be
have run out. I’ve run out of room. I have nowhere else to go other than the space I
must occupy. Although I could portray myself as a procrastinator, in all honesty I don’t
believe I am. I believe I have been growing, not knowing, living a seemingly hap-hazard
and unsettled lifestyle in order to get to this place, this base to jump from.

I have had many ideas in my life but the ones that have always stuck are the ones I’ve
always known I would eventually come good on. I am now ready to engage fully with the
fulfilment of these ideas. Ultimately, it’s time to deliver. It’s like in a Super Mario or
Crash Bandicoot game when there is that moment, that ideal moment, to jump or swing
or jump, in order to make it to the next stage of the game.

It is my turn to jump… so here I go, this week’s poem is about faith. It’s called…

Nevermind God

Nevermind God,
Do you have faith in yourself?
Do you have it in you to do,
What you need to do?
I think you do,
And I think you don’t,
Because it doesn’t matter,
What I believe,
I don’t have a vote.
In what you have faith in.
That’s your business not mine.
You are not second in command.
You get to sign the dotted line.

On the promises,
That you want to keep.
Are you a shepherd or are you a sheep?

You can be both, that much is true,
But if you never pick up your crook
Your abilities, talents and visions,
Will never, no never,
Shine all the way through.
It’s up to you, you know,
It’s up to only you…

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