Many people I have encounter tell me that poetry is a luxury, a non-essential add on for
businesses. To those of you who agree with this let me ask you…

Try going a day in your business or home life without using words. Moreover, without
using the right ones.

I can help create 100% bespoke high-end quality content for PR and Social Media campaigns from Tweetable business-related verses to full blown rhyming mission statements that concisely sum up what you do as a company.

I can also create new straplines, names for new products or services as part of professional branding exercise.
Finally, I can use poetry as a well being tool to help employees relax, feel appreciated and enabling them to communicate more effectively within your organisation enabling higher productivity at every level.

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Here are a few reasons why businesses are beginning to use my services more and more:

  1. Poetry can help brand or re-brand a business with maximum wit and impact.
  2. Describing in rhyme what a business can do for their target customer or client base, whilst using language that base relates to, makes a business more
    understandable and therefore accessible.
  3. Poetry is more memorable and original than plain old copy.
  4. Poetry can be used to help staff express themselves and/or have things
    expressed for them.

Poetic Services include:

  • Business name and strapline creation
  • Poetic mission statements
  • Tweetable verses and rhyming couplets designed for social media campaigns.
  • Positive Poetry sessions where staff can have poems created for and about them
    as a well being tool.

If you are interested in using my poetic services for your business, please click here to make an enquiry.