Why I Like to Rhyme

The honest answer is I have no idea why I like to rhyme. Why does anybody like to rhyme? Why
do two or three or four similarly sounding words please people so much? Are we all essentially
just craving familiarity, pattern – is a rhyme just another form of a reassurance?

I was read to a lot as a child and some of those stories included a lot of rhyme. They say young
children love syncopated rhyme. It stays with them. It pleases them and, at heart, I still feel like
a young child and I guess that is probably why I like to rhyme. Rhyme is challenging. It’s how my
brain works. It gives a structure to a creative flow. Rhymes help point towards the next line of a
poem. When I think clearest, I think in rhyme.

There are poets out there that scoff at rhyming poems for being twee and others that roll their
eyes at non-rhyming poems for not being true poems at all. Ultimately, it does not matter how a
writer or performer makes an impact and conveys a message. Surely it’s how effectively that
message is conveyed to a reader or listener, not whether that message rhymes or not, that
matters most.

I’d be the first to admit that this is an entirely pointless debate. Fashions change, rebellions
happen in the art world and otherwise. If I’m reacting against anything it’s probably the snobbery
that seems to have stained many a potential poetry lover’s “I Love Poetry” T-Shirt. Anyway
that’s probably a subject for another blog. Here, have poetry snog x

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